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Just a lil' popcorn tale...

Kettle corn is an age-old tradition brought to life in the mid 1800's by Missouri farmers. These German immigrants would pop the corn in their large cast iron kettles after a long day of rendering lard from hogs. Natural sweeteners, such as honey, molasses or sugar would be added to the popcorn to achieve a special flavor and aroma. The corn was then cooked over a wood fire, stirred with a wooden paddle, dumped into a large kettle, and scooped out by hand.

Today, the lard is replaced with 100% corn oil, using a little sugar and salt, and a propane fire to pop the corn. Kettle corn combines the flavors of both sweet & salty into a large fluffy popcorn puff.

Nicknamed the Cornhusker State, Nebraska is one of the top producers of popcorn in the country. As some stories go, popcorn was discovered one summer when it got so hot that corn began popping off its stalks in the fields. A number of Native American legends claim that usually quiet spirits live in corn kernels and when their houses were heated they'd become angry and shake their kernels. When the heat became overwhelming, the spirits would pop out of their kernels in a puff of steam.

The real story? Who knows? It seems like kettle corn goes back a couple of hundred years. The popularity of this wonderful tradition is remembered and served up with every magical batch of Ol' Glory Kettle Corn, right here in Nebraska!


Popcorn Song

(Gershon Kingsley)